i have one more week on the road ðŸ˜­ðŸ¥º

I going to be back home in the next week.

I’ve been on the truck for six months i must say it’s such a lazy thing 😂 for me so i deff need to get back to doing my own cooking and eating healthier. Cuz baby i was living my best life on the truck no worries 🤣

Honestly i am so not ready to go back to work or drive but i am grateful that i was able to spend lods of time with my husband just me and him. I’m also supper blessed that is dedicated and he comes home every weekend 😊 thank you God bless.

Reach out i would love talk to ya smooches 💋

Truck stops

Today was my second day of being on the road with my husband and so far, I like it the showers are nice and clean free drink refills at loves good restaurants to eat at. I think that we should start eating more healthy. I also have started a keychain collection. Is it weird, that I don’t miss being at home or driving or working hmm🤔 I do know that I don’t like that we have to find a parking space at night its a gamble if you come late but overall, my experience is going well btw, I love loves truck stop its the best.


I realized that i don’t have any friends i have aqiutances and i am starting to be okay with that you know enjoy being by myself at my age now it’s very important for me to make myself Happy and do what i want to do in life. Live for myself i would never want to feel like I’m obligated to do or go somewhere again I’m not feeling sorry for myself I’m just stating how I feel and that I’m living for me and getting closer to God